Before & Beyond Back-to-Basics

Currently we have two Open Big Book Step Study meetings: Wednesdays, 8PM EST and Thursdays, 7:45 AM EST

Friends in Nature

Join WEDNESDAY 8 PM ET Zoom Meeting HERE

Meeting ID: 833 8273 7164
Passcode: 651652

Join THURSDAY 7:45 AM ET Zoom Meeting HERE

Meeting ID: 844 0873 0128
Pass code: 664166

Big Book Step Study with the Back-to-Basic format. Open meeting for all MAA members who want to work the steps quickly and often, originating from the early AA beginners meetings.

What to Expect

Following the Back-to-Basics format, we will read one day's B2B lesson per week. In this way, we will complete all Twelve Steps in four months.


After the reading we will open up the meeting for sharing. Please come early if you would like to be a reader.


Meetings will allow time for number exchange if you are looking for one-on-one sponsorship or a media action partner. Writing assignments are optional but encouraged. (See formats and downloads below)

B & B B2B Formats, Writing Prompts, and Worksheets

Month One

Month Two

Month Three

Month Four