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Starting a New MAA Meeting


Thank you for your interest in starting a new MAA meeting!!


Any media sober member(s) of Media Addicts Anonymous may start a new MAA meeting and have it listed on the MAA website and in the MAA Meeting Calendar. It takes some dedication to get a new meeting up and running, but this type of service can be very rewarding. It is strongly suggested that you have at least three (3) media sober MAA members to start a new meeting and that at least two of these members are committed to attending the meeting every week for the first six (6) months.


If you wish to start a new MAA meeting, the following guidelines may be helpful.


  1. Set the weekday(s), time, meeting length, frequency (e.g., weekly), and new meeting start date.

  2. Set the type of meeting (speaker, open discussion, topic, Steps, Tools, etc.).

  3. Provide the name of the new meeting and a contact email.

  4. Draft a meeting format. For suggestions, there is a selection of all current MAA meeting formats in PDF format on our website here. You can scroll through them and choose one similar to your new meeting.

  5. Contact the MAA Meeting Coordinator at

    a.  Request an editable version (Word document) of your desired meeting format so that you can modify it to suit your new meeting.

    b.  Inform the Meeting Coordinator of your plans and vision for the new meeting (including items 1 through 3 above), or any other information that would be helpful for them to know.

    c.  Submit your drafted format as a Word document, ask for feedback, and request confirmation of the new meeting by a certain date. Consider incorporating any suggestions and feedback after you hear back from the Meeting Coordinator.

    d.  Once you receive confirmation, ask that your new meeting be listed on the website and a Zoom link assigned (or telephone details included).

  6. Get the word out.

    a.  You may post your new meeting information and Zoom link in the MAA 10th Step WhatsApp group to announce it (also, you may want to post it prior to the start of each meeting as a reminder).

    b.  Attend other
    MAA meetings to announce the new meeting during their time for announcements.

  7. Try to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of your meeting to welcome newcomers and other members. Also, allow time after the meeting to greet newcomers and answer any questions they may have.

  8. Be familiar with Zoom. You may need to claim Zoom host prior to the start of the meeting to mute participants (when necessary) and deal with individuals who choose to disturb the meeting. This requires that you familiarize yourself with the Zoom security controls and be able to 1) remove (and report to Zoom) any disruptors who may arrive during the course of the meeting, and 2) lock the meeting to prevent the re-entry of disruptors.  As meeting leader, you should also be familiar with how to screen share during your meeting or have a “tech host” do this for the meeting.

  9. In creating your meeting format, remember to schedule a business meeting on a specific day each month. Familiarize yourself with Robert’s Rules of Order which will be helpful in conducting the business meeting.  Also, once your group is established, be sure to elect a General Service Representative (GSR) to communicate on behalf of your group with the MAA General Service Board.

  10. Outside literature. Most MAA meetings use approved literature, such as the MAA Preamble, the Steps and Traditions of MAA, the Signs and Symptoms of Media Addiction, the Tools of Action for Media Addicts, the Promises of MAA, and other conference-approved literature of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Other than having readings from a 12-Step daily reader (e.g., A.A.’s Daily Reflections), please utilize only 12-Step conference-approved literature as part of your new group’s readings or discussion.

Thank you for doing this service and supporting other media addicts on their journey to live a media-sober life!

How to Start a New MAA Meeting (Zoom, In-Person, or Phone)

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