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Recovery Meetings for Media Addicts

Media Addicts Anonymous has several types of worldwide meetings for members:

  • We have open sharing meetings where anyone can attend and share.

  • We have open speaker meetings where we listen to a recovering member qualify and participants can share.

  • We have open meetings where members having more than three months of back-to-back media abstinence share their full stories and we have questions and answers afterward.

  • We have Open Step Study meetings using the Back-to-Basics beginners meeting formats.

  • We also have special closed committed meetings run by Group Sponsors and sponsored by our inter-group. These groups are designed to help people step up quickly to recovery by committing to fast with a group for one month at a time. This is a fast-track group to recover from media addiction.

  • We also have recorded Big Book Home Step Study courses.


As we are still a growing program, we can also refer you to meetings outside of MAA that many of us have found helpful.  Please find these meetings listed below.

Intergroup Meetings