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Closed B2B Group Meeting Calendar

Times below should adjust automatically to your location

Group names follow US Eastern Time.  This B2B meeting calendar reflects local start times (left column) which are 15 minutes prior to each group’s named time (in blue above).  Members are required to arrive on Zoom no later than 10 minutes prior to each group’s daily meeting.  Groups begin promptly at 5 minutes before the top (or bottom) of the hour.  Fellowship time starts at 20 minutes before the hour/half-hour, and although not required, all are strongly encouraged to participate.  Groups meet for approximately 35 minutes during the first four days of each week, and approximately 1 hour on the 5th day.

What are Open Back-to-Basics Intergroup Meetings?

Open Back-to-Basics are meetings to begin to use right away before you join a Committed Closed Back-to-Basics group. These open meetings also support members after they "graduate" from the committed sobriety groups to continue to work the steps.

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