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Closed B2B Group Meeting Calendar

Times below should adjust automatically to your location

Group names (in blue above) follow US Eastern Time.  Back-to-Basics groups meet every weekday at the same time for four weeks. Groups meet for approximately 50 minutes, Mondays through Thursdays, and approximately 80 minutes on Fridays.  This includes 15-minutes of fellowship before each meeting begins, where members get to know their fellows, grow in mutual support, and build group cohesiveness. 

The four-week cycle repeats three times with a one-week break between cycles; however, members are only required to commit for one month at a time. The media fast is maintained throughout the three-month cycle and during the one-week breaks.

What are Open Back-to-Basics Intergroup Meetings?

Open Back-to-Basics are meetings to begin to use right away before you join a Committed Closed Back-to-Basics group. These open meetings also support members after they "graduate" from the committed sobriety groups to continue to work the steps.

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