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MAA INTERGROUPS - Back-to-Basics Information

MAA has several Intergroup classes that help speed media recovery. Here they are:


These month-long Sobriety Groups are led and sponsored by recovered members of MAA. There are many of these groups starting each month. These daily sessions are designed to help members get sober and stay sober from media addiction by fasting together and taking all of MAA's Twelve Steps during this media fast, thus staying ahead of the disease. Please contact us (Use Form On the Home Page of Our Website) to get placed into one of our groups for the next round of sessions.

Our purpose for the Back-to-Basics sessions are to provide a safe, structured environment where participants learn the principles of recovery, take the Twelve Steps, and have a life-changing spiritual awakening.  

We have both Closed and Open Back-to-Basic meetings. The Closed Sobriety Groups are led by recovered members who sponsor each group. Those who join these meetings make a commitment to fast from unnecessary media for a full month while working the steps with an assigned sponsor. Closed meetings need a Zoom code to obtain access.

Open Back-to-Basics meetings are provided for those who would prefer to do these sessions alone or with an action partner. If you are waiting to get into one of the Closed Back-to-Basic groups you can start attending Open Back-to-Basics meetings.  Open B2B meetings are currently held on Wednesdays at 8pm ET, and Thursdays at 8am ET.  Zoom Links for these open meetings can be found HERE.

The Closed Back-to-Basics (B2B) Sobriety Groups are a an MAA Intergroup.  Closed B2B groups do have commitments and policies that help the group stay in integrity. There are requirements for those who commit to the closed groups. In the Open MAA Before & Beyond Back-to-Basics meetings, the only requirement for membership is the desire to stop compulsively using media.

For more information on joining a Closed Back-to-Basics Sobriety Group fill out the contact form at the bottom of the Home Page of our website.


Closed B2B Group Meeting Calendar
Times below should adjust automatically to your location

Group names follow US Eastern Time.  This B2B meeting calendar reflects local start times (left column) which are 15 minutes prior to each group’s named time (in blue above).  Members are required to arrive on Zoom no later than 10 minutes prior to each group’s daily meeting.  Groups begin promptly at 5 minutes before the top (or bottom) of the hour.  Fellowship time starts at 20 minutes before the hour/half-hour, and although not required, all are strongly encouraged to participate.  Groups meet for approximately 35 minutes during the first four days of each week, and approximately 1 hour on the 5th day.

Please complete the form at the bottom of the Home Page of the MAA website if you are interested in the Closed Back-to-Basics Groups which begin their next sessions on August 4th (Commitment Meeting) and August 7th (First Full Week). Groups meet five days each week (Monday-Friday ET) for a total of four consecutive weeks.

Group times are as follows (based upon US Eastern Time): 7:00am ET Group, 8:30am ET Group, 1:00pm ET Group, 3:00pm ET Group, 8:30pm ET Group, and 12:30am ET Group.

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