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Australian Eastern Time Closed Back-to-Basics Step Study

This page is ONLY for those who wish to apply for the Australian Eastern Time Media Addicts Anonymous closed monthly Back to Basics Step Study.

Before submitting the Application Form located at the bottom of this page, please carefully read the Closed Back-to-Basics Step Study information page on our website located HERE. We strongly suggest that you attend at least six MAA meetings before applying for, or returning to, a closed Back-to-Basics Step Study.

See the Australian Eastern Time Back-to-Basics Meeting Calendar below for your group meeting times over the next month. All sessions begin their next monthly cycle with a mandatory 90-minute Commitment Meeting on Friday (AET), June 28, 2024. After a participant commits to being “All In” at the end of this Commitment Meeting, they will meet with an assigned sponsor over the weekend, then begin the first of four weeks of the B2B program on the following Monday (AET), July 1, 2024.


Australian Eastern Time Closed B2B Meeting Calendar
Times below should adjust automatically to your location

If you are interested in applying for membership in the Australian Eastern Time closed Back to Basics Step Study which begins on June 28, 2024, please complete the following form.  This form is to be used only if you are applying for Month 1.  If you are repeating Month 1 or continuing with Month 2 or Month 3, your Group Sponsors will notify Intake that you intend to continue.

Australian ET Closed Back-to-Basics Application Form

Please Note: This form is ONLY for those who wish to join the Closed Back-to-Basics Step Study   which follows Australian Eastern Time. An Australian Eastern Time Closed B2B group meeting calendar which reflects local time zones is located above this Application Form.

Group Choice
I agree to each of the following. (You MUST check all boxes below):
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