Recovery From Media Time Drunkenness-- Underearners Anonymous

Here is another 12 Step fellowship many of us attend.
This meeting was created by some of our members.
You will find essential tools to help you recover from
media addiction and time drunkenness (see below).
Dial in Number: 667-770-1841
Access code: 8452619#
Meeting Times:
Sunday: 8:15 AM EST
Tuesday: Noon EST
Friday: Noon EST
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Media Time Drunkenness 

Because time debting leads to underearning, many members of Media Addicts Anonymous also participate in Underearners Anonymous and practice the tool of Time Recording.  UA defines this tool as "We must be conscious of how we spend our time.  We keep a written record to increase awareness and support our focus on goals and the actions required to achieve them."  Compulsively using electronic media is a way we give away our time with no clear benefit.  The overuse of electronic media increases the underearner's tendency to isolate and contributes to the habits of under-being, hiding and biting, and not following up on opportunities to advance our visions and goals.  We refer to this form of time irreverence with electronic devices as media time drunkenness.  MAA members actively attend the following UA Freedom from Media Time Drunkenness Meetings to get further support: