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Thank you for submitting our website form!

We appreciate your interest in Media Addicts Anonymous.

You should have received two emails from us.  Check your spam folder if you don't see them shortly.  The first email is titled Confirm Your Subscription and the second email is titled We are glad you reached out.  The first email will allow you to become part of the MAA mailing list should you click on the black button to Confirm Subscription within the email.  MAA requires members to Opt-In in order to receive periodic important information and updates about our fellowship and special events.  We typically do not send out more than one or two emails each month and you may unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time at the bottom of any email from us.

If you are interested in joining one of our Closed Back-to-Basics Sobriety Groupsplease read the following important information and complete the B2B Intake form below.

Back-to-Basics enables members to get sober from personal addictive media and work the 12 Steps of MAA within a closed sobriety group.  These groups meet five days each week (M-F Eastern Time) for a total of 4 weeks.  Please be aware that there are various requirements for membership in our Closed B2B groups, and therefore, these groups do not follow the 12 Traditions of MAA.  For more information on our Closed Back-to-Basics groups, please visit THIS page on our website.  MAA also offers Open Back-to-Basics meetings where the only requirement to attend is a desire to stop using media compulsively.

Important: If you have just submitted the contact form on the MAA website and are interested in joining one of our Closed Back-to-Basics groups which begin each month, then please read the following information prior to completing the B2B Intake form below.

All participants must attend the Commitment Meeting for their group in order to participate in the program.  These Commitment Meetings take place on the Friday (ET) prior to the start of the group's 4-week cycle.  We currently have 6 Closed Back-to-Basics groups which meet at different times each day.  The B2B Meeting Calendar below will automatically translate daily group times for your local time zone.  The next round of sessions begin August 4th (Commitment Meeting), with the first full week starting August 7th.  Depending upon your preferred time slot, availability may be limited for the upcoming cycle.  Therefore, we ask that you specify a second time slot on the Intake Form below, if this is possible for you.

Any questions you may have will be answered during the Commitment Meeting for your group.  There is also a section at the bottom of this page with Frequently Asked Questions.

After submitting the B2B Intake form, you will be contacted by a member of our enrollment team via e-mail to confirm your placement into one of the groups which you designate on the form.  Please note that placement into a group does not guarantee that you will be part of the group for the upcoming cycle.  You will first need to commit to being "All In" during the Commitment Meeting, and when group space is limited, members are accepted based upon the time they first made an inquiry for the current sessions.  If you are waitlisted by either your group or the Enrollment Team, you will be prioritized for the next month's sessions of our Closed Back-to-Basics program.

Back-to-Basics Commitments

Below are the Commitments each member makes as part of committing to the participation in one of our Closed Back-to-Basics groups.  Also included is a PDF document which may be helpful in understanding what fasting from all unnecessary media looks like while participating in a Closed Back-to-Basics group.

Closed Back-to-Basics Assignments

Below are various assignments which you will be asked to complete and review with a sponsor during your first weekend in Back-to-Basics following your group's Commitment Meeting.

Closed B2B Group Meeting Calendar

Times below should adjust automatically to your location

Group names follow US Eastern Time.  This B2B meeting calendar reflects local start times (left column) which are 15 minutes prior to each group’s named time (in blue above).  Members are required to arrive on Zoom no later than 10 minutes prior to each group’s daily meeting.  Groups begin promptly at 5 minutes before the top (or bottom) of the hour.  Fellowship time starts at 20 minutes before the hour/half-hour, and although not required, all are strongly encouraged to participate.  Groups meet for approximately 35 minutes during the first four days of each week, and approximately 1 hour on the 5th day.

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